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Bamboo to go - Something you need to know about bamboo coffee mugs

Bamboo - a fast-growing raw material that is robust, looks nice and affordable 

Increasingly, there are several products made of bamboo in our supermarkets or low-budget stores. Such as the coffee-to-go cup, available in many different versions, colours, sizes...


Bamboo is indeed sustainable, because this grass (yeah - actually it is not a tree but a kind of thick grass) grows back incredibly fast and on top of that it is pretty robust. This means that hardly any fertilisers, pesticides or artificial irrigation have to be used, which per se has a very positive effect on its environmental footprint. When the stem is cut, the whole plant does not die, as is the case with trees, because bamboo forms a broad root network and new shoots quickly emerge from all over the earth. Thus, no large forest areas have to be cleared. So far, everything sounds great, doesn't it?

If it wasn't for this melamine.. 

And why should you not include a bamboo cup for a zero waste lifestyle? Of course, somehow, such a coffee mug consists of bamboo. Usually the bamboo fibres are taken, pressed into a cup shape and glued to stick together. Particularly the glue represents that major threat. In order for the fibres to stick together and become a stable product, melamine is used as adhesive. However, as soon as hot liquids (as of 70 degrees) are filled into the cup, melamine releases toxins into your beverage. Melamine is very dangerous to your health and has been classified as "probably carcinogenic".
Actually, in most of the reusable to-go cups legal maximum levels have been far exceeded. We think: an absolute No Go. Furthermore, the insulating capacity is also somewhat worse than with other materials besides the fact that bamboo mugs tend to discolour and to take on smells and flavours.


Bamboo is a great raw material after all and can be used extremely well as for example as an alternative to plastic when it comes to toothbrushes or the like. Coffee mugs should not be made of bamboo in combination with melamine.

We - obviously - do not use any melamine in our coffee-to-go cups. Instead, only natural materials that are harmless to health - such as rice husks, rice oil and lignin (a substance found in wood that strengthens the cell walls) are used. Hence, you can enjoy your hot coffee-to-go with our avoid waste coffee mug safely and with a good feeling. You can find our cup here.


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