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Climate change to go. The problem with disposable cups.

"It's only one cup... what does it matter?" For many people coffee-to-go cups are part of their everyday life. We take a look at the fatal consequences and what that means for you. 

A quick cup of coffee on your way to work or university, to-go please! First, I gotta wake up, then life starts. We (in our case Germans) are absolute coffee fanatics - and many Germans just need their elixir to get through the day.
164 litres.
That's how much coffee every German drinks on average every year, and that's why coffee ranks second after water among the most popular drinks in Germany. 70% of all coffee drinkers say they regularly use disposable cups.

Around the world with to-go cups.

That's the amount of disposable cups we use. Not monthly, not daily - but hourly!
Every year this results in an incredible 2.8 billion cups. To get an idea of how much that is:
When you connect the cups that are used in a year in Germany, the chain easily reaches 13 times around the world. No kidding.

The effect on our environment is tremendous. 

Let alone the unbelievable amount of wood is reason enough to go without disposable cups, keeping it mind that it corresponds to approximately a forest area of over 480.000m2 spruce, but disposable cups do not only consist of paper. They are covered on the inside with a thin plastic layer. Not to to mention the countless plastic lids.
This means that disposable cups are not really made of regenerative sources. They also do not rot without residue, they end up in nature and among and between us - they are not even recycled. This is due to the combination of paper and plastic. However, we will get back to this elsewhere.
The annual consumption of crude oil is 22,000 tonnes. In addition, there are CO2 emissions of 83,000 tons and 44,000 tons of waste.
Just for once, the garbage from all disposable cups in a year weighs as much as 33,000 new VW Golf.
Incredible amounts of wood, crude oil, CO2 and garbage - every coffee in disposable cups contributes to climate change and the pollution of the world, and practically to go. This is anything but sustainable and an unacceptable situation. We are doing great damage here. This problem concerns us all because it has a direct impact on the world in which we live right now and - for the generations to come - will live.

What you can do about it.

In short, one could simply go without disposable cups, but we don't want to make it that easy for you and ourselves ;-).
Hardly anyone wants sacrifice his/her to-go coffee and actually, that is not necessary. As a solution there are reusable to-go cups. As long as it is of high quality, it even delivers added value compared to the disposable cup. It is more pleasant to drink from it and less polluted.
In any case: it is important to continue to draw attention to this topic of utmost importance! Few people are aware of it, you'd be surprised! So, share the article and tell your friends!
At the end of the day, it is us humans who determine by our behavior, how this world looks like. And hey, take a break and enjoy coffee at the café around the corner or at your friend's place! That is by far the best option. For the environment AND for you.
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  • Moin,

    bin auf Eurer Seite gelandet, weil ich einen nachhaltigen to-go Becher gesucht habe, der kein Melamin enthält ;).
    Gar nicht so einfach wie man denkt. Hab’ mir jetzt einen bei Euch bestellt.
    Ich finde gut was Ihr macht und bin froh, dass sich immer mehr Deutsche Gedanken über unsere Umwelt machen.

    Also macht weiter so. Werde sicherlich in Zukunft mehr bei Euch bestellen!


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