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Blog - Von A(bfall) bis Z(ero Waste)

Reishülsen - Plastikalternative der Zukunft

Reishülsen - Plastikalternative der Zukunft
  Nachhaltigkeit bedeutet für uns Mehrwert. Wir sagen nein zu Plastik und kreieren Alternativen für den Alltag, die dir helfen Müll zu vermeiden. ...

Microplastic - almost invisible and yet super dangerous!

Fast unsichtbar und trotzdem mega gefährlich - Mikroplastik!

Plastic particles smaller than 5mm are called microplastics. However, they are often that small that they are not even visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, there is already a lot of microplastic in our oceans...

Deutschland - Weltmeister in nachhaltiger Plastikproduktion? Eher nicht.

Deutschland - Weltmeister in nachhaltiger Plastikproduktion? Eher nicht.
Dass zu viel Plastik produziert und im Müll landet, ist kein Geheimnis mehr. Und der Plastikverbrauch steigt weiterhin konstant an...

3.5 million tonnes in the sea - is that really how much is recycled?

3,5 Mio Tonnen im Meer - Wird wirklich so viel recycled?

Plastic waste - everything is not so bad, because a lot is recycled. This belief is at least deeply rooted in many people's minds. But is that true? How much waste do we actually produce and how much of it is really recycled? Let's get to the bottom of this... Elephants - The dimensions of plastic on a global basis


Zero waste!? mhhh not yet :( ... If you go to the supermarket nowadays, you will find many products with plastic packaging. Shower gel, shampoo, lotion - without plastic packaging almost unimaginable! And even other articles are increasingly wrapped with this practical material...