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About us

Sustainability is no longer only for hippies & ecos

Times are changing and almost everyone is now convinced that sustainability is something that concerns all of us.

We are two young people who want to make a difference with you. We got to know each other while studying economics without fulfilling the classic clichés. Unfortunately, ethical thinking is too often ignored there, which brought us together.

Together we travelled, like so many others, to Asia. We enjoyed most of the time, but the reality is different than the images on Instagram make you think. There is rubbish everywhere and even if it is collected, it is often buried or burned, as in Bali, for example. There are beaches full of garbage. Unfortunately, you can't see that on most of the photos. 

But why does that concern us?

Apart from the fact that as a tourist you are jointly responsible for how these beaches and places develop, this is now taking place on the other side of the world. But it woke us up.

We asked ourselves how our society and our front door were doing about the garbage. It is well known that one should always first touch one's own nose, because that's where it starts. The world threatens to suffocate in the garbage and the negative news about the situation on land and water accumulates.


Once you become aware of the problem, you feel the urge to get active

With us the garbage doesn't end up on the street, but in the bin, but even if we don't see it, it's there, it's unbelievable much. Most of the garbage is simply unnecessary and you can see that on every corner as soon as you recognize the problem, as well as new ideas to reduce or avoid the garbage.

If you go to the supermarket, almost every fresh vegetable or fruit is shrink-wrapped in plastic. Honestly, why do you have to shrink-wrap bananas in plastic when they have a natural shell? Do we really need a bag of 3 peppers or can we just put 3 single peppers in the shopping basket?

At our university in Hanover there were only disposable cups in the cafeteria for years. With the immense coffee consumption of the students there were hundreds of cups daily. In Germany alone, 320,000 disposable cups are thrown away. Every single hour. We can think of dozens of examples.

It's not about not generating waste at all

Zero waste in due honour, but that's not what this is about. You don't have to stop producing waste at a moment's notice to do something good.

It's about balancing consumption and opening a discourse about it. How do we want to deal with our earth's resources? When is waste superfluous and when is it not? In fact, most of the garbage is avoidable and it is not too hard to do so. We look where! 

We want to educate interested people and share knowledge with like-minded friends, provide a platform to exchange ideas and create alternatives. Always with the goal to offer a high-quality product, which brings fun instead of the feeling of sacrifice. Whenever and wherever possible, we try to use modern, biodegradable materials, because the less oil we pump up, the better.


Nobody is perfect.

Our world is complex and it is impossible to do everything in a totally perfect manner. Free yourself from it, it is a utopia. We learn new things every day and change our actions and views accordingly. Our means as avoid waste are limited, because we do not derive from a large corporation, where millions are spent to stand in the perfect light. We act out of conviction, we have ideals and promise to do our absolute best to make the world a little better together with you. Bit by bit.

With best regards and thank you for your support and efforts,
Jan, Can and Lennart

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