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Our mission, because there is no planet B

We have covered the world in plastic - twice already.

Oursituation is precarious. The world is drowning in garbage. There's more plastic particles in the oceans than plankton, the landfills are full to the brim and even in countries like Germany, which presumably have sophisticated recycling systems, not everything is recycled. The incineration or shipping of waste to distant countries is common practice.

Most waste is avoidable. 

Particularly packaging and disposable items make up the most garbage in our society while at the same time having the lowest average service life time. On average, many things are only used for barely a few minutes before they end up in the trash.

Our vision: To create a world in which garbage is just as superfluous as big advertising promises.

We are here to stand up to garbage. That alone is our goal. avoid waste sees itself as a source and platform for exchange of knowledge, as a hub that unites interested parties and makes a contribution to the world of tomorrow through sustainable alternatives to conventional products. We select our products according to quality, because those who buy cheap buy twice. We want to offer value that eliminates the feeling of sacrifice when choosing sustainable alternatives over single use products - once and for all. When you are looking for plastic in our shop - that effort will be in vain. We focus on innovative materials that are as biodegradable as possible.

Let's be honest.

Transparency, openness and honesty are fundamental values that lead our every action. We haven't reached perfection yet. Who has, though? However, we feel the great need to constantly improve ourselves and pursue our ideals. We want to make a real contribution to the sustainability movement. This requires that we use our resources wisely and always challenge and rethink our actions.
Nobody expects you to switch at once to zero waste. But ask yourself (and be honest ;-) ): does food really and always have to be packed in plastic and do I really need a disposable cup every day on my way to work?
We all determine with our everyday actions what this world looks like. Not to care about is a momentous attitude. Everyday life is decisive. Let's look for the right decisions together.
Jan and Can.

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