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Guppyfriend wash bag against microplastic (50x74cm)

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First and pragmatic solution against pollution through microplastic by washing.

  • Reduces fiber breakage and protects your clothes.
  • Broken plastic fibers are retained.
  • The guppyfriend bag itself does not lose any fibres and reminds us all to change our washing and buying behaviour.

Fine-pored laundry net

With guppyfriend you collect microplastics instead of polluting the sewage and hence our water.
  • protects your laundry
  • protects our environment
  • fine pores
  • retains (micro-) fibres, fluff and hair
  • robust material
A laundry net is supposed to protect the laundry. This laundry bag, however, does more: it protects our environment
Its fine pores allow water and detergent to pass through. Lint, hair or fibres do not! It filters out even the finest particles such as synthetic fibre fragments. This way it prevents microplastics from being washed out by your washing machine into the sewage and finally into the sea. A valuable contribution to nature! Moreover, the machine remains clean and stays intact. Thanks to the soft inner surface, your favourite pieces lose fewer fibres. Nice side effect: Neither socks nor bra underwires get lost in the washing machine. After washing, simply turn to the left. The fibre residues are deposited in the corners and hem of the bag and can be easily removed.
Material: 100% polyamide 6.6. completely recyclable.
Made in Europe
Dimensions: L 50 x W 74 cm.
GUPPYFRIEND has been developed by the non-profit organisation STOP! MICRO WASTE, who are committed to combating plastic pollution in rivers, lakes and oceans and provide information on how to better deal with plastic and the ever more increasing microfibre problem.