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Deposit system

You found the avoid waste deposit system? Terrific! Here you can find all information about the material and the background!

One way is no way! Our mantra!

The concept garbage was invented by us - humans. In nature, however, there is no garbage. Everything is a big cycle.

The leaf that falls from the tree becomes fertilizer for new plants. With artificial materials such as plastic, men have created something that does not return to its original form after it has been used. Instead it simply remains, with devastating consequences for our blue planet. As described here.

We need reusable solutions precisely there, where most of the waste is created

Since there is an enormous amount of garbage when shopping and around it, there are currently many great unpacked shops that deal with this problem (see map below). In an Unwrapped store you can buy food and other items free of packaging - for this you use your own containers or those available there.

Packaging-free shopping should be easy, sustainable and fun

At the moment, one quickly has a problem if one either forgets one's own vessels at home or if one has to carry many too heavy glasses home after an extensive purchase. That's why we are currently developing a deposit system in cooperation with the Unverpackt Länden and are using innovative materials for this purpose. Our production is currently located in Asia for the prototype, with a trustworthy partner who appreciates social standards. Nevertheless, we are planning to relocate production to Europe, ideally Germany. We are currently collecting feedback in order to optimize the cans and the system. As soon as we have reached the next development phase, we also want to make production more local.

avoid waste deposit system for package-free shopping

We have developed storage cans that consist of about 2/3 wheat straw. This is a by-product of wheat harvesting. The wheat straw is held together by a biodegradable plastic. No petroleum-based plastic is needed and the CO2 balance is better than with many other cans. The cans can be used hundreds of times. And when a can can can no longer be used, it is biodegradable under the right conditions. We are currently testing the optimal conditions for a sustainable recycling economy.

These cans are available in various sizes in various unpacked shops throughout Germany. You can get your can for a deposit and use it for shopping. If you don't want to keep a can anymore, simply return it.


Material composition & other properties

About 2/3 wheat straw and about 1/3 bioplastics from renewable raw materials. Biodegradable in industrial composting plants. Dishwasher safe. Very well stackable due to a well thought-out lid. 


Card (package-free shops and other sustainable shopping opportunities) far the deposit system is only available as a test phase in a few stores. On the map you can already see how many great places there are to buy with or without packaging. For a little more zero waste and 100% fun in sustainability!